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World class organisations understand that knowing their market, developing their brand position, managing their talent, actively managing customers and sales channels, investing in sales process design and measuring and rewarding performance are the keys to achieving success.

World Class Organisations

  • Consistently research market, product and customer trends
  • Are clear about the value they provide their customers
  • Effectively communicate that value to the market
  • Believe that everyone sells, or helps someone sell
  • Believe selling is good for customers
  • Give sales roles high status
  • Are highly disciplined
  • Constantly review sales performance
  • Always seek the next opportunity
  • Continuously improve sales capability
  • Put most effort into high value customers
  • Know that creating a truly sales focussed organisation takes 3+ years and are prepared for a long journey

Marellen Consulting work with business managers and owners to instill the attitudes, processes and skills required to develop a World Class Sales organisation

Our Business Model

Marellen Consulting is focused on providing intense, organisational specific, marketing & sales assistance. It could be said we are a boutique marketing and sales consultancy therefore we choose to work with a small number of clients to ensure complete client satisfaction. Our programs are designed to be adaptable to your specific needs, requiring continuous engagement between those involved. We believe, in fact, we know that to achieve effective and sustained behavioural change, this high level of engagement is the only way forward.

Marellen Consulting employs a three step consulting model. The result is to create what we call ‘A Plan on A Page’. This is a simple but effective way forward that everyone owns and understands.

Your three steps to success are:

Analysis – The Why

  • Understand the ambitions and expectations of the organisation and the individuals involved.
  • Strategic & Individual Skills Review and Analysis – Involves a comprehensive needs analysis using a range of analysis tools to determine current strengths and identify areas for development.

Plan – The What

  • Set Strategic Intentions – Uncover strategic intentions and specific outcomes. Timeline and evaluation points are developed and agreed.
  • Develop Action Plans – Using the diagnostic analysis from the previous step, and taking into consideration the speed bumps, road blocks and any accelerators to success, set a course of action.
  • Communicate – Plans are shared with stakeholders to encourage ownership and accountability.

Implement – The How

  • Training – Developing the capability and capacity within the organisation, teams and individuals to execute the plans.
  • Coaching – Model, mentor and encourage the people involved to takes action. This is the implementation phase of the action plan.
  • Evaluate – Throughout the program there are inbuilt mechanisms to evaluate progress and modify strategic intentions and desired outcomes where necessary.

Training for Sales and Marketing Teams

Closing the Loop training & coaching for retail sales staff, account managers and marketers

Auto Service Advisor Sales Training

Jeff Cowans Pro Talk specialised training for service lane advisors

Business Leadership

CEO Mentoring

CDI 12 Pillars of Business Success



Tools and Programs that enhance personal and team performance

With a focus on the growing markets of Australia, SE Asia and the Pacific region, you can start working on improving your business development & marketing results today.

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