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World class organisations understand that knowing their market, developing their brand position, establishing and communicating their value proposition, managing their talent, actively managing customers and sales channels, investing in sales process design and measuring and rewarding performance are the keys to achieving success.


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Lack of alignment between the product/market teams, managers and the sales practitioners can create speed bumps and even roadblocks in what would otherwise be successful campaigns. We invite you to take a few minutes to complete the following assessment and we will get back to you with some ideas on how you might improve your sales performance

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Training for Your People & their Leaders

Get your team talking with the right people at the right time in the right way

Pro Talk Service Advisor Sales Training

Jeff Cowans Pro Talk improves customer experience, retention and profit all at the same time

Executive Coaching & Organisational Development

Enhance personal and team performance through improved culture and alignment

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The ‘VIP Insiders’ get access to a broad range of coaching, training, planning and management resources. In fact, for the small monthly investment you get access to all the tools our coaches use when they are working with their clients. That’s right …..  everything. In addition you will be invited to attend the ‘VIP Insiders’ webinars. Conducted by Marellen Consulting’s Managing Director, Mark McNamee, these exclusive events cover a wide range of topics, offering practical and effective advice.

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How we Work with You? 

Marellen Consulting is focused on providing intense, organisational specific, business development advice using coaching and mentoring processes. It could be said we are a ’boutique consultancy’ because we choose to work with a small number of clients to ensure complete client satisfaction. Our programs are designed to be adaptable to your specific needs, requiring continuous engagement between those involved. We believe, in fact, we know that to achieve effective and sustained behavioural change, this high level of engagement is the only way forward.

One to One Coaching for People and their Leaders

  • 5-10 week program consisting of weekly visits or calls, daily journaling and feedback.
  • We firstly invest time understanding the strategy and expectations of the organisation and the individuals involved.
  • We then undertake a wider review of the existing processes and systems combined with an individual skills analysis using a range of tools to determine current strengths and identify areas for development.
  • Then we take the sales experience alongside the sales person, planning customer engagement, reviewing and providing immediate feedback and reflection on each customer contact. It is the immediacy of the process that delivers the results.

Executive Coaching

  • 10 week intensive engagement with individuals and the entire team. Includes daily journaling of experiences and mid week feedback from your coach.
  • Set Strategic Intentions – Through coaching interviews help individuals uncover their strategic intentions and specific outcomes. Timeline and evaluation points are developed and agreed.
  • Develop Action Plans – Using the diagnostic analysis from the previous step, and taking into consideration the speed bumps, road blocks and any accelerators to success, set a course of action.
  • Communicate – Plans are shared with stakeholders to encourage ownership and accountability.

1/2, 1 and 2 day Training Development Programs

At the heart of any great organisation is a great culture. Using a variety of tools including our our own Closing the Loop Sales Training, the renown 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Great Leaders Great Results programs from Franklin Covey, the 12 Pillars Program from CDI and Coaching for Commitment from Pfeiffer, the team at Marellen Consulting are well equipped to assist you develop a culture of sustainable superior performance. These are two day intensive courses that build the your organisational culture. Call us to discuss which one meets your specific needs.

Special Projects & Roles

Working with different levels of an organisation, this total immersion program is for organisations looking at achieving significant cultural and behavioural change. Project based engagements have the following:

  • Training Development – If necessary we assist developing the capability and capacity within the organisation, teams and individuals to create and execute the plans. This can include working with your team on marketing and sales plans, developing a sales process, staffing plans, job descriptions, skills audits and similar projects. We have also helped with assessing job suitability.
  • Coaching – During the implementation of changes and enhancements to work practices or organisational structure we work with the you and your teams, modelling, mentoring and encouraging the people involved to take the necessary action.
  • Evaluation – We have assisted in developing inbuilt mechanisms to evaluate progress and modify strategic intentions and desired outcomes where necessary.
  • Interim Leadership Role – If you require a short term leadership appointment to oversee a restructure or some other change management process. We have experience in fulfilling this type of role successfully.
  • Event Speakers – For conferences or seminars both internal and external events.

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What do our clients say? 

“Mark McNamee from Marellen Consulting was a breath of fresh air for our business. Mark conducted a strategic analysis of the business, helping us gain clarity on where our best fit is in our industry  and how to gain traction in a highly contested space. Mark guided us to develop and implement systems and methodologies that continue to benefit the business today. Particularly helpful was the on the job coaching provided by Mark.  I would recommend Mark and Marellen Consulting to any business or individual seeking to go to the next level”
Danny Hood CEO Rural Boss International

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Mark McNamee Lead Coach 

Change in the current business environment is happening and it is happening quickly. Sustained Superior Performance in such a challenging environment occurs because people are committed to do their level best all of the time. Building your teams leadership capacity through coaching is a proven strategy for gaining such commitment. It is the process of helping people discover creative solutions to complex problems. Commitments gained through coaching are powerful because they are the result of buy-in at a personal level. Click Here to learn more about why coaching is so effective in todays business environment.

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Coaching Works – Here’s Why!

Reason #1. Coaching delivers immediate results. Coaching’s value proposition is impressive. The Return on Investment (ROI) for coaching can be multiple times the initial investment, one study estimates up to 529% (Anderson, 2001) and another puts the figure at nearly six times the initial cost (Right Management Consultants 2004a). If that isn’t enough, coaching is unique because it targets the difference between what is and what is desired to be.

Reason #2. Coaching builds resilience. Because coaching works from the inside out, helping form new ways of thinking and behaviours, it delivers sustained growth and continuous improvement while maintaining positive relationships. This ultimately creates high performing individuals and teams that are capable of thinking through and overcoming complex issues and situations and an increase in your bottom line.

Reason #3. Coaching provides the opportunity to focus on other things. One of the big benefits of building your frontline teams capacity to address  complex issues is that it frees up the senior leaderships time so they can focus on developing longer term plans.

More from our Clients -“I have found Mark to be a brilliant person to work with as he has many skills but for me the key one is the ability to align his goals with ours, through this he has developed training and coaching programs for staff with KPI measurements to ensure that we are improving and getting to the desired goal. Mark is well received and respected by all staff involved. His coaching methods are effective by means of getting staff to buy in on the program. Mark can also identify the point where some tough love is required and applies this accordingly. I would not hesitate in recommending mark as a training consultant to any business as the results we have gained since having him on board have been inconceivable.” – Allen Jones General Manager Service Llewellyn Motors

Marellen Consulting work with business managers and owners to instill the attitudes, processes and skills required to develop a World Class organisation

World Class Organisations

World class organisations understand that the transition to best practice is more than adopting a set of processes and procedures, it is about improving the individual commitment to success and that happens best through effective and consistent coaching.

World Class Organisations

  • Consistently research market, product and customer trends
  • Have a clear and adaptable plan
  • Understand the value they provide to their customers
  • Effectively communicate that value to the market
  • Know that developing people is key to success
  • Are highly disciplined
  • Constantly review performance
  • Always seek the next opportunity
  • Continuously improve capability across all sections of their organisation
  • Put most effort into high value opportunities
  • Know that creating a focussed organisation takes 3+ years and are prepared for a long journey
  • World class organisations constantly challenge their people through effective and consistent coaching

With a focus on the growing markets of Australia, SE Asia and the Pacific region, you can start working on improving your business development results today.