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Mark McNamee – Lead Coach and Director

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At one time leaders were encouraged to believe they could achieve results through people by controlling the performance of others. They were encouraged to believe that if they could write enough policies, make enough rules, invoke enough rewards and punishments, solve everything for everyone, practice rigorous oversight and critically appraise performance, they might just plan, organise and direct people up to a satisfactory performance.

These days no one really believes a satisfactory performance is good enough. Satisfactory performance is built on the notions of “average” and “reasonable limits”. In the now and forever world of immediacy and increasing national and global competition, if leaders accept the goal of satisfactory performance, they inevitably accept a loss of competitiveness, a decline in market share, stagnant capital growth and decreased profitability.

In todays environment, Sustained Superior Performance is in the hands of the individual. Everyone has control over how much energy they will put into a task, most people have a lot of control over which tasks they will do and how much time they will spend doing them. How this discretionary energy and time is used marks the difference between the committed and the uncommitted.

Coaching is an effective alternative to leading by control. Coaching helps create people who exercise self control and who are committed to excel in their own performance. Coaching is the key to trusting and leading people. It is the key to involving people in both what needs to happen and how it will be accomplished.

Marellen Consulting understands the difference between management and coaching and as skilled facilitators and coaches, work with your leadership teams to develop Sustainable Superior Performance.

Our Team

Operating across Australia, SE Asia and the Pacific region

Mark McNamee, Managing Director. Member of the International Association of Coaches and a sales & marketing executive with extensive experience in retail and  business to business environments. His 30 years of industry experience includes the  agricultural, automotive, white goods and professional services sectors across Australia, SE Asia and the South Pacific. Marks experience includes working for large multinational corporate businesses through to small start-ups. He has worked in both corporate office developing sales and marketing strategy and ‘in the field’ territory management, delivering the sales number month after month. More recently he has moved into a business advisory role, facilitating self-analysis and strategy programs with some of Australia’s most innovative organisations.

Gordon Stone, Senior Client Consultant. Gordon has operated in the business advisory sector since 1991 and has exceptional skills in strategy and business management. His clients vary from smaller companies through to larger public organisations. Gordon is an Adjunct Professor at USQ and is a master group process facilitator. He is also an accredited e-DISC behavioural styles practitioner.

Other team members include:

Researcher – Kaylie Dalstrup

Event Management – Tiffany Im

HR Product Support Manager – Ellen Rea

For more information email mark@marellen.com or call Mark on +61 (0)429 455 069