Your service staff will learn how to be Professional Master SELLING Service Advisors in the most intense and powerful workshop they have ever experienced! Designed to deliver 29 plus years of Jeff’s time tested service department sales techniques and skills to your fixed operations Team. The program is constantly updated so that your staff can handle today’s customers and challenges. It is the most comprehensive content that any skill level can learn from in the marketplace.

First Day – Highly Acclaimed 1 Day Workshop:

  • Your dealership will have a complete non-confrontational selling system not only within your service centre but throughout your entire fixed operations department
  • Increase in Customer Survey Scores, Customer Retention, and Customer Paid Labour Sales (5/10ths increase within 10 days of implementing Jeff’s process)
  • Exactly how to walk around “Every Car, Every Time®” to increase sales through the “Sit, Flip, Pop and Look®” technique
  • Increase sales both on the drive and on the telephone through our vast library of Service Advisor Closing Techniques and Word Tracks

Second Day – Advanced 1 Day Workshop:

  • Learn how to successfully use today’s technology on the service drive
  • Closing on the telephone with advanced techniques
  • Setting up professional displays
  • Selling from professional displays
  • How to make your express service profitable

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Why Choose Pro Talk You Ask?

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Pro Talk Customer Testimonials

Our CSI, went from 853 to as high as 900, however we did end the month with an 881! Which is above the District, Area, National & the Region. That target seemed to be out of reach for a good while, but putting into practice what we learned from Pro Talk, have really made a huge difference.
Also, our store numbers, our quick lane advisor, went from 0.08 from July 1st. through the 7th. Went to 0.45 from the 8Th. to the 12Th. Then from the 13th. Through the 31st. went up to 1.08 customer pay labour. Also, the store total sales from 07/01 to 07/12 was $86,614.77, the gross profit was 47,467.66, and the average RO was 2.03. From 07/13 to 07/31, the gross profit was $128,481.24, the gross profit went up to $71,590.67, the average RO, and Customer pay went up to 2.50 hours per ticket.
Therefore, the total month end on Nissan only was $215,096.71 total sales, gross profit, $119,050.34, the average RO customer pay is 2.30 hours

Randy Chappell, Service Manager, Serra Nissan VW

you have a great program that is very applicable and works. Again, our ProTalk Expert Trainer, has been great to work with. His knowledge and delivery of the material is second to none. I truly respected his approach, and knowledge, a lot like in your videos, give the guest a realistic expectation and tell them what is going to happen before it happens.
Our ProTalk Expert Trainer told us exactly how training would work, demonstrated all the techniques with our advisors, coached me and my managers on getting the best from our team as well as letting us know that in order for this to work we have to hold our team accountable.
Like I have said before, in looking at some of the claims your company makes I was very sceptical, after our ProTalk Expert Trainer’s first visit I knew that the program would work if we held our end of the bargain up. The results we have achieved speak for themselves, I really cannot say how much respect I have for our ProTalk Expert Trainer, the job he has done, and the training he has provided, hats off to him.

Kyle French, Parts & Service Director, Planet Honda

ProTalk was a well worth investment. The increase we have seen in our service departments was far beyond our expectations. What we found is that within 90 days, quicker than anticipated, there was an average increase in our ELR of $15.00. We had an increase of average hours per R.O. of .5. There was an increase of $80.00 per repair order. We also saw an increase in our monthly CSI scores. The ProTalk process took us from doing zero walk-a-rounds to 85-90%. I wanted to let you know that this was well worth the investment to see the increases that we have seen, in a short amount of time.
The ProTalk Expert Trainer did an excellent job with our staff. He was extremely knowledgeable on the workings of a service department. He worked with our staff on a one-on-one basis. He helped them to become stronger in their work habits, communication and their sales ability. He also aided in overcoming any objections that customers may have. I sat through one of the training sessions, which helped clear up a lot of questions that I had about the ProTalk process. As previously mentioned, our overall goals were met in a much quicker time frame than anticipated and our staff has become more thorough in their responsibilities which aided the process as well.

John Cloninger, Service Director of Fixed Operations Cloninger Ford and Toyota