North America’s # 1 Sales Training for Service Advisors, available in Australia NOW!

Real life training derived from real life experience, from being in the trenches on service driveways. Jeff is in his 29th year of business as the founder and President of Jeff Cowan’s PRO TALK, Inc.

All of our training methods will simultaneously increase Customer paid Hours per Repair Order, Customer Retention, and Customer Survey Scores. Not one or two of these categories, but all three areas every time, conclusively.

Our training methods are simple, realistic and the easiest to implement in the marketplace today with the most up to date content available!


PRO TALK’s Onsite, side-by-side in store training coaches the entire service staff each step of the way, critiquing, role-playing, and even working directly with the dealership’s clients, providing specific live examples showing how to implement successful techniques. Everything is done in a hands-on environment, addressing all skill levels. PRO TALK trainers teach dealership service department staff how to be professional sales people, and provide managers with tools crucial to track and encourage upward growth in not just numbers but in their employees personal professional development as well. This is done by creating a sales culture throughout the entire Service Department.

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PRO TALK Virtual Training is an interactive online training platform for not only your Service Advisors, but for all of your fixed operations employees. Available on any computer twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, PRO TALK VT provides cutting edge training with consistently updated content that is based on real life situations. It has a real time testing tool and an accountability system that allows you to see who is training, who is learning, and who truly understands and can execute what is taught.

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Workshops: Both public, private and classroom style are available, and are geared toward all Fixed Ops staff, including managers, service advisors, greeters, cashiers, porters; literally anyone in the service department who works with customers. His latest workshop titled “The 6 Step Road to Service Department Success” is cram packed with tons of current and immediately applicable tips and tools attendees can implement immediately for measured improvement.

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Pro Talk Customer Testimonials

Our CSI, went from 853 to as high as 900, however we did end the month with an 881! Which is above the District, Area, National & the Region. That target seemed to be out of reach for a good while, but putting into practice what we learned from Pro Talk, have really made a huge difference.
Also, our store numbers, our quick lane advisor, went from 0.08 from July 1st. through the 7th. Went to 0.45 from the 8Th. to the 12Th. Then from the 13th. Through the 31st. went up to 1.08 customer pay labour. Also, the store total sales from 07/01 to 07/12 was $86,614.77, the gross profit was 47,467.66, and the average RO was 2.03. From 07/13 to 07/31, the gross profit was $128,481.24, the gross profit went up to $71,590.67, the average RO, and Customer pay went up to 2.50 hours per ticket.
Therefore, the total month end on Nissan only was $215,096.71 total sales, gross profit, $119,050.34, the average RO customer pay is 2.30 hours

Randy Chappell, Service Manager, Serra Nissan VW

you have a great program that is very applicable and works. Again, our ProTalk Expert Trainer, has been great to work with. His knowledge and delivery of the material is second to none. I truly respected his approach, and knowledge, a lot like in your videos, give the guest a realistic expectation and tell them what is going to happen before it happens.
Our ProTalk Expert Trainer told us exactly how training would work, demonstrated all the techniques with our advisors, coached me and my managers on getting the best from our team as well as letting us know that in order for this to work we have to hold our team accountable.
Like I have said before, in looking at some of the claims your company makes I was very sceptical, after our ProTalk Expert Trainer’s first visit I knew that the program would work if we held our end of the bargain up. The results we have achieved speak for themselves, I really cannot say how much respect I have for our ProTalk Expert Trainer, the job he has done, and the training he has provided, hats off to him.

Kyle French, Parts & Service Director, Planet Honda

ProTalk was a well worth investment. The increase we have seen in our service departments was far beyond our expectations. What we found is that within 90 days, quicker than anticipated, there was an average increase in our ELR of $15.00. We had an increase of average hours per R.O. of .5. There was an increase of $80.00 per repair order. We also saw an increase in our monthly CSI scores. The ProTalk process took us from doing zero walk-a-rounds to 85-90%. I wanted to let you know that this was well worth the investment to see the increases that we have seen, in a short amount of time.
The ProTalk Expert Trainer did an excellent job with our staff. He was extremely knowledgeable on the workings of a service department. He worked with our staff on a one-on-one basis. He helped them to become stronger in their work habits, communication and their sales ability. He also aided in overcoming any objections that customers may have. I sat through one of the training sessions, which helped clear up a lot of questions that I had about the ProTalk process. As previously mentioned, our overall goals were met in a much quicker time frame than anticipated and our staff has become more thorough in their responsibilities which aided the process as well.

John Cloninger, Service Director of Fixed Operations Cloninger Ford and Toyota