Front line leadership is not easy. Building effective and practical business plans while managing, teaching, mentoring and coaching teams in a complex and ever changing business environment is difficult. On top of that they have to ensure all they do is aligned with the wider business strategy and financial expectations. Finally and most importantly is maintaining a customer centric approach to everything that happens.

Building and maintaining your frontline management teams capacity and capability is critical to any organisations success. Through our effective coaching tools we help frontline leaders

  • Develop management systems and processes that allow them to deliver the results required
  • Align themselves and their teams with the overall strategy of the business
  • Identify the customer relevant features and benefits of product and then develop your unique value proposition that is in context with market realities
  • Design plans that link directly to the customer and are focused on identifying individual client opportunities and working to develop sales effective, client focused, methods of communication.
  • At some stage the rubber must hit the road. At Marellen Consulting we assist our clients put in place strategic and tactical management programs that are supported by effective training & coaching.
  • And, importantly we will assist in the alignment of the different components and departments so that all stakeholders are focused on the achieving the outcomes of the enterprise.

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We work with leaders in:

  • Agribusinesses
  • Automotive Dealerships and Service Centres
  • Professional Service Providers
  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers/Wholesalers …… and more

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The ‘VIP Insiders’ get access to a broad range of coaching, training, planning and management resources. In fact, for the small monthly investment you get access to all the tools our coaches use when they are working with their clients. That’s right …..  everything. In addition you will be invited to attend the ‘VIP Insiders’ webinars. Conducted by Marellen Consulting’s Managing Director, Mark McNamee, these exclusive events cover a wide range of topics, offering practical and effective advice.

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Getting the Water to the End of the Row

From years of experience working in a wide range of sales situations, our team has developed a simple but effective way of helping your front line leaders maintain their focus on the most important things. We call it ‘getting the water to the end of the row’. When adopted, this system provides leaders with the capacity to genuinely influence outcomes through

  • Effective and detailed planning that takes into consideration of local market and customer characteristics while staying inline with the overall company strategy.
  • Improved communication with individuals, teams and customers alike. Being able to communicate effectively and efficiently to everyone is critical in a fast moving environment.
  • Delivering increasing value to every stakeholder. The demand of for more for less is the state of the nation and its not going away. This applies across the board, internal and externally and is the greatest challenge at every level of the organisation. Front line managers are feeling the pressure in a real sense.
  • Better and more effective leadership of their teams is a critical part of their job. Developing their understanding of the four parts of leadership, management, mentoring, teaching and coaching will create a more resilient and effective leader.

Our Leaders Program has worked successfully in a number of situations including

  • Developing new markets
  • New product positioning & marketing
  • Developing processes & systems
  • Campaign development & management
  • New & existing staff assessment
  • Organisational alignment
  • Client specific proposals

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Our process – The 4 Keys of Business Development Success

Marellen Consulting have developed 4 keys areas in which we work with you to develop a marketing program that not only delivers qualified customers ready to purchase, but ensures they have a purchasing experience that delivers total customer satisfaction. Our experience tells us that by focusing on each of theses four areas we cover all the important facets of developing a successful market or business development strategy.

Its about getting the water to the end of the row, our point of difference is we work with your team to develop a successful link from brand establishment, promotion and advertising right through to sales and customer service. That’s what we promise when we say we get the water to the end of the row.

4 Keys of Business Development Success are:

  • Community Engagement
  • Tailored Product
  • Delivering Extraordinary Value
  • Enhanced Customer Experience

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