Best v Favourite – Is perfection required?


Sometimes you can’t give everything the client wants. But, every time you can give some of the things the customer wants. So contribute what you can. If you do enoughthings right, the customer is very forgiving of the things you can’t do.

In your efforts to manage problems successfully, never dodge problems, USE THEM! People who have their problems or complaints handled effectively will become your most loyal customers. ……..and probably your most pleasant ones. They will trust you and believe in you, they will depend on you because you have been proven under fire.

Frankly customers don’t expect you or the company to always do things perfectly. They can accept some mistakes and that sometimes things go wrong. How we recover is what counts.

So when you fall the hardest, bounce the highest.

And another thing

A small man was talking to a very large friend and said, “If I was as large as you I’d go into the woods, find the largest bear I could and tear him apart”. The big bloke looked down on his friend and said, “You know there are some little bears in the woods too.”

Psychologists tell us that many people fail to accomplish much because they make excuses for themselves even before they try. If only I had more money…..If only I had a better education….If only I had more time – then I could really do something.

The fact is very few people get ahead in large leaps; most of us progress in a series of small steps. If we break large goals down into a series of smaller steps and then be persistent we will eventually get there.

Remember – We find our individual freedom by choosing not a destination, but a direction.

Mark McNamee

Business Strategist Coach and Trainer

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