Belief is the #1 Factor – It’s a “Must Have”

Believing in your capacity to meet and exceed your customers’ needs and expectations is paramount to success. No matter what you are selling, there is probably something that someone can find wrong with your product or service – be it the price, the quality, the performance, the fit. If this was not the case, then finding new clients and customers would be a dream. However, we all know of the reality of customer objections, whether they are misunderstandings, misconceptions or true objections, these reasons ‘not to buy’ can make a doubtful person’s life miserable.

What is the solution? YOU ‘GOTTA’ BELIEVE!

You have to believe in your heart that the products and services you provide are the best value for money available. You have to believe that that there is not a competitor who can fill your clients needs better than you. That in fact ‘You help customers and clients better than anybody else’. It is really that simple!

If you find yourself doubting your own product, then you probably won’t do a good job in recommending that product (or service) to a client or prospect, and as a result that client probably won’t buy from you.

So, take a moment to reflect on your beliefs, your expectations, your assumptions and your perceptions. Are they positive? Do they reflect the best on your products and services? Do they tell the customer in no uncertain terms that you BELIEVE in what you are selling? In order for you to have the opportunity to solve your customers’ problems all the answers to these questions must be ‘YES’.

Alignment between what we ‘say’ and what we ‘do’ is difficult to achieve. When was the last time you took time away from your business to critically look at the effectiveness of your customer engagement program. This is a great 1/2 experience that get your team planning for a better 2018 in sales and business development. Click the link below and we will send you some details

Just a Thought

Signing up new customers is not made or unmade over the phone, on a website or in the customer’s office; they are made or unmade inside of you.


Mark McNamee 

Business Strategist Coach & Trainer

Marellen Consulting

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