Sales Coaches Playbook Play # 30 – Sales Targets Always Work …. Don’t They?

Some owners and business managers worry about setting sales goals for staff. Perhaps your industry does not buy into the sales orientated culture, you would rather leave that to insurance or motor vehicle sales people. Well you might be surprised that I just might agree with you. High achievement is largely about belief, not skills.

Your Restaurant Rules As an illustration of my point I would like to share an experience I had with a client recently. This business was a relatively successful mid to high end restaurant and accommodation set-up with good staff who were focused on delivering excellent customer service. The customer experience numbers indicated a high level of satisfaction although selling anything was never discussed as part of the service staff role.

But ….. Nothing stays the same The business was in transition to new ownership (family succession) with the number of owners moving from 2 to 6. The pressure was on to increase profitability as there was literally more hands in the till. Before speaking to me, the advice they received was to consider a refit and repositioning of the business to expand is capacity and, in the long term, that is probably necessary.

Bird in the hand … should not fly away After spending a little time with the staff and beginning to know the culture of the place I made a suggestion. Why not see how we can satisfy our customers needs even more by exposing them to some of the great products and services they have not yet tried.

It’s not what you say but how you say it! So rather than ask the staff to sell, we started on the other end, what would the customers want to buy if they knew it was available?

Its the numbers silly, its always the numbers By firstly sharing with the staff how many customers they served each month and then have them decide how many of the extra services they could suggest sell to customers, they set their own objectives. It was a genuine bottom up approach. By breaking it down into small bite size chunks everyone could see what could be done without any of the hard sell they thought it might take.

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Everyone must win By asking them to set the targets based on how many customers they served and then putting a small bonus incentive on selected items we were able to provide the staff with the vision of what was possible and what’s more …. they owned it because they come up with the number.

The Result A plan that will deliver over $600,000 in sales each year, with each staff member receiving an additional $12,000 per year in bonuses. This is more than enough to provide for the extra hands and there is no money being spent on the refit …… yet!

But there is more ….

There is more to the story, for example we needed to train then coach the staff around the suggestive sell technique and we needed to put a scoreboard in place so they could see their progress, but so far so good, the net yield per seat is up and sales of the higher quality products and services is increasing ensuring the customer experience is even better and ….. we are focused on adding value to every transaction.

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Mark McNamee

Mark is a skilled group facilitator and coach, based in Brisbane Australia. His team works with some of the most innovative organisations in Australia, SE Asia and the Western Pacific developing business capability and capacity from the ground up.

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