SALES COACHING PLAYBOOK Play # 29 “Handling Objections”

One of the toughest parts of a sales presentation is when the customer brings up an objection to buying your product or service. In partnership selling, this can sometimes seem like a good way to start losing your partnership when in fact objections are the most important thing your customer can offer you. They are in fact showing you exactly what needs to be done to make the sale.

Objections are usually a sign of genuine interest representing a real sales opportunity. If you resolve the objection, then asking for the order just comes naturally.

Never ignore an objection or treat it lightly. Never deal with an objection in such a way that might suggest the customer has asked a stupid question. Simply assure the client that their concern is a reasonable one and apologize for not having covered it in your presentation. Then explain the positive points that can outweigh the objection or will overcome it. Reinforce the value of your proposition, ensure all the concerns have been resolved and you’re in a position to close the sale.

Thought for the Week

One reason some people are unsuccessful in sales is they can’t stand failure. Even the best sales people have a lot more failures than successes. The secret is they don’t let failures upset them. They do their very best, let the chips fall where they may, and move on to the next opportunity.

As some one who played a lot of cricket with some great players, nobody I played with scored 100 every time they walked out to bat. In sales it’s the same way you just can’t close every deal. However, we practiced hard each week, we had great coaches to make sure we had the best chance of success. In selling the same principles apply. When you miss out forget it, if you have made a mistake, learn from it and do better next time. Remember if you don’t swing the bat, you will never hit the ball.


Mark McNamee

Sales Strategist Coach & Trainer

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