The Tour de France amazes me again!


A Domestique on "The Tour" helps keep his team performing at its best

A Domestique on “The Tour” helps keep his team performing at its best


Watching the Tour De France has always been fascinating for me. Besides the shear guts of the individual riders to get up and over those mountains, one aspect that always catches my attention is how effective the teams work together. Each member seems to know their role and execute to the best of their ability. Yet all the attention, recognition and praise goes to the lead rider. I am can only wonder at what must go on behind the scenes to motivate those that play a supporting role, the ‘Domestique’ riders who get up each day, commit to the task at hand, punish themselves for up to 5 hours and receive what appears to be no recognition.

Sustained Superior Performance

From my work I have learned that there are four common traits that exist in teams that deliver sustained superior performance. These are that great teams are:

  1. Clear about core values and performance goals (collective and individual)
  2. Have influence over what they do
  3. Have the competence to perform the jobs that are expected of them
  4. Are appreciated for their performance

The teams who participate successfully at the Tour de France must have these 4 attributes in spades. I can only imagine what is going on behind the scenes in terms of effective skills development, planning and goal setting, role description, performance measurement and real time feedback, constant support in both the technical and phycological aspects of the job as well as ‘in house’ appreciation of each persons role. It must be world class to achieve the outcomes they do.

So how do they do it?

Well one thing is for sure coaching must play a pivotal role. Teams and the people in them tend to become totally committed to do their best all of the time to the degree that that they understand and develop these 4 traits.¬†Coaching is a particularly powerful way to develop these 4 key attributes for individuals and teams. So what is effective coaching and how is it done? If you’re not sure I would suggest spending a bit of time learning about it. Done well, its influence is significant.

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